The accident of Roman Grosjean. Bahrain Grand Prix. 2020.

The first round of the race in Bahrain. Roman Grosjean sharply takes to the right, but the rear wheel catches Daniil Kvyat’s AlphaTauri. After that, the Frenchman’s Haas crashes into a protective metal barrier at almost a right angle.

Upon impact, the car breaks into two pieces. The monocoque, together with the pilot, literally pierces the barrier, and the rear part with the engine flies off to the side. Fuel flashes.

Fortunately, the pilot did not lose consciousness after such a blow and managed to get out of the burning cockpit.

Homecoming bonfire explodes

A traditional bonfire staged at Mosley High School in Lynn Haven Florida exploded into a fireball and rained debris in all directions.

Video from the event shows a Florida deputy was lucky to escape uninjured after the bonfire for the school’s homecoming exploded immediately after he lit it.

District leaders said the explosion was immediately contained by deputies and firefighters. Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident.

Bay District Schools (BDS) officials said they are investigating the cause of the fire

“We know that many people who live close to A. Crawford Mosley High School probably heard a loud and disturbing noise a short time ago. Everyone is safe and no students were in danger at any time. While lighting our traditional Homecoming bonfire, something in the fire caused an explosion. Deputies and firefighters were already on hand, in line with our customary safety protocols, and so they immediately jumped in to ensure the fire remained contained.”

The BDS said all safety protocols were followed “We are investigating the cause of the explosion because we did not deviate from our usual bonfire lighting procedures. Again, we know the explosion was disturbing and we sincerely apologize to anyone who was concerned or scared as a result of the loud noise. We appreciate all of the calls and texts checking on us and our students, and we’re grateful that our usual safety protocols prevented anyone from being very close when the explosion occurred.”

Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford released the statement reiterating that of the school district that everyone is safe

“Tonight, there was an incident at Mosley High School where the annual homecoming bonfire exploded. This has been a tradition at Mosley started by a previous school resource deputy and was without incident until tonight. The deputy that set up the bonfire has done so at Mosley for the last 7 years. We are not sure yet what caused the explosion, but take responsibility for the incident. Safety precautions were in place, including the fire department on site and the students positioned at a safe distance behind a fence, that prevented injury or fire but it still should not have happened. We apologize for any distress this has caused and I assure you that we are officially out of the bonfire business. Sheriff Tommy Ford”

An 18-wheeler truck went off an overpass in Texas

FAIRVIEW, Texas. Ambulance crews arrived at the site of a major accident near the Allen-Fairview border when a large drilling rig fell off a flyover.

Flames and smoke could be seen near Allen Premium Outlets near the northern lanes of Highway 75 near Stacey Road around 3:00 pm. on Tuesday.

Allen police say a large truck collided with another vehicle while heading north on Route 75, causing the 18-wheeler truck to fly off the right side of the overpass.

Police say the truck driver died at the scene. Nobody else got hurt.

Eyewitnesses filmed a video on a mobile phone, in which the 18-wheeler was completely submerged.

Several fire departments put out the blaze as police sealed off Stacey Road. SKY 4 took pictures of traffic 75 miles away and an axle in the middle of the Interstate.