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Passenger plane collided with a fire engine

Video available to Correo shows the exact moment a LATAM Airlines plane collided with a fire engine, which could have killed two firefighters. The incident took place on the territory of the Jorge Chavez airport in Callao.

According to the said person, the accident in which the passengers of the aircraft were rescued took place at 3:25 pm, when it was surrounded by four units that arrived to rescue the people on the aircraft.

On their social media, they regretfully confirmed that flight LA2213, which was on the Lima-Juliaca route operated by LATAM Airlines Peru, crashed on the ground without any “deceased passengers or crew members.”

As a result, Lima Airport Partners (LAP) has announced the suspension of Jorge Chavez International Airport until further notice. Airplane. According to the company, the Latam plane was heading from Lima to Juliaca.

“There was an accident on the runway #JorgeChavez. Our teams provide the necessary attention to all passengers who feel well. In addition, we are conducting an investigation to determine the causes of the accident, ”said the LAP.

Horrific Tragedy At Dallas Airshow As Fighter Collides With B-17 Bomber

The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) is a major collector, restorer and operator of vintage aircraft. For seven years, the organization has held the Wings over Dallas airshow to show off their remarkable fleet of World War II warplanes on Veterans Day weekend.

But the over 4,000 attendees at the show’s second day of events at Dallas Executive Airport on Saturday witnessed a horrifying tragedy at 1:20pm that day. During a parade of bombers and escorting fighters, the pilot of a single-engine P-63 Kingcobra fighter misjudged a turn and slammed into the fuselage of a four-engine B-17G Flying Fortress bomber named Texas Raiders, completely severing its rear fuselage from the wings and nose.

In three horrifying seconds, the P-63 disintegrated while the B-17’s two halves plummeted to the Earth and exploded in a massive fireball.

The aircraft were flying far too low for the crew to have time, or sufficient altitude, to bail out. Besides the pilot flying the P-63, five were believed to be onboard the B-17 when it exploded, including crew from the CAF’s Gulf Coast Wing.